Climate change has flooded countries, damaged infrastructures and changed ecosystems. Climate refugees are forced to migrate, bringing new cultures, languages and ideas.

BWK-BCN is a conurbation of Berwick-upon-Tweed and Barcelona. With a Mediterranean climate, it is located in northern England. Based on the New Towns Act in which new towns were created to address urban overspill after World War II, BWK-BCN is an experimental adaptation to the effects of climate change, creating a new place by culturally merging two sites. The interactive map shows you what has already been designed, and we look forward to adding your contributions.

BWK-BCN brings the need and opportunity to revision our towns, values and systems. There are no experts. Using these BWK-BCN Cards,* you play a critical role in imagining this uncharted territory, and how it could be a model for new towns of the future. Visit the cards page, select an objective, and help us design the conurbation of the future.




*Copies of the toolkit and pamphlet can be obtained by emailing